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Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Ohio Legal Defense Lawyer

The moment you or someone you love is charged with a crime, you should start looking for a qualified legal defense lawyer. There are several ways you can find a good lawyer or legal team, including asking friends and relatives for recommendations or searching online. Hiring the right lawyer is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make; the right lawyer can change the outcome of your situation, allowing you to resolve disputes or even avoid jail time.

How do you find a Legal Defense Lawyer that is right for you?

In the process of finding a lawyer, the most important step is to ask the following questions.

How serious are the charges against me?

This question serves 2 purposes: one, it lets you know that the lawyer you are talking to has thoroughly reviewed your case and is actively considering your options. That means he or she is already invested in the outcome. Two, it will give you insight into his or her level of experience with similar cases.

How often do you defend clients like me?

Some Legal Defense Lawyers focus more on drug crimes, while others may defend white-collar crimes like embezzlement. Many law firms have a broad practice, but they can still tell you exactly what percentage of time their attorneys spend defending against specific criminal charges. You should know up-front if they are less experienced at handling cases like yours, so that you can decide if you need a more specialized lawyer.

What is your biggest concern with my case? Asking this question will give you insight into how a Legal Defense Lawyer thinks. He or she may offer a simple, straightforward answer, outline a legal strategy or ask you more questions. Pay close attention to whether you are given specifics or generalizations. Every legal case is different, so you should choose a lawyer that is focused on you and your outcome, not one that uses the same approach every time.

What can I expect at the different stages of the process, including arraignment, filing of motions, motions hearing, disposition, and trial? When you are facing criminal charges, you are under a lot of stress. Your time, money, and possibly your freedom hang in the balance. Your Legal Defense Team should be there for you every step of the way. If a lawyer acts annoyed by having to explain details to you or seems to be in a hurry, look elsewhere. You deserve focused attention, and your case depends on it.

-- Eric Brehm, Esq. Riddell Aimar & Brehm LLC

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